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Adam Bogage

Adam Bogage

Adam Bogage, a structural engineer and commercial diver in San Diego, was in his late 20s when he enrolled at San Diego City College in the fall of 2001. He already had a history of work in the computer and electronics industry, but he was looking for new challenges, both academically and professionally.

“As a non-traditional student returning to academia, City College was an excellent fit for my schedule and budget,” Bogage said.

Slightly older than the average student, Bogage was a bit more self-assured than most of the class, said Kelly Mayhew, one of his professors in the honors program.

“Early on he distinguished himself as a leader in the classroom,” Mayhew said. “He contributed a lot to class discussions. He really appreciated and flourished with the rigorous assignments that we had.”

With support from mentors like Mayhew, Bogage excelled in his classes.

“He’s truly a Renaissance man,” Mayhew said. “Not only was he great in English and the humanities, he was brilliant in math and science as well.”

Bogage earned an associate’s degree in transfer studies and was accepted to UC San Diego, where he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in structural engineering and quickly found a job at the San Diego office of one of the world’s top engineering firms.

Transferring to UCSD gave Bogage a better perspective on the quality of instruction he received at City College.

“The lower-division education that I received at City College was equivalent or superior to the non-transfer students at UCSD,” he said. “The small class sizes and talented faculty made my time there a pleasure. I appreciated the diversity in socioeconomic background and the wealth of experience that my fellow students brought to the classroom.”