Sid Voorakkara

Senior Business Development Specialist
Governor Brown's Office of Business and Economic Development

Sid Voorakkara

Mr. Voorakkara was appointed by Governor Brown in May 2013 as the Senior Business Development Specialist for San Diego and Imperial Counties. In this capacity, he works directly with companies to receive credits and incentives from the state for job growth, attraction, expansion and retention. He also partners with our elected delegation and other public and private economic development stakeholders to develop long-term initiatives to grow and expand the region’s economic outputs.

Mr. Voorakkara spent nearly a decade prior to this service as a Program Manager with The California Endowment, the state’s largest private foundation. In this capacity, Mr. Voorakkara was The Endowment’s statewide strategic officer on building pathways into high-wage, high-growth jobs.

Additionally, Mr. Voorakkara spent ten years as a communication and media specialist in public and private positions. He currently serves on the San Diego City Ethics Commission and is a member of the San Diego Community College Trustees Advisory Council.